How to overcome the fear of investing

How to overcome fear of investing. It is a good step in acknowledging that you have a fear of investing. How to be able to overcome this is to make informed decisions with your money and take control of your finances. Advice I give to both men and women, especially women, is to have an investment coach to discuss your investing goals. This is somewhat similar to having a life coach as we should not take our investments too lightly- they help us take control of our financial future. An investment coach will educate, guide, and teach you what you need to know to invest confidently, safely, and profitably. A good coach will reduce the fear of investing by providing a big picture overview of money, investing, and wealth building. This can include help with budgeting, saving, and tax-reduction strategies as well as investing strategies. Fear of investing is also due to fear of making costly mistakes. A coach will keep you on the path and helps you avoid making these costly mistakes and build confidence. Fear of investing creates a mental block. A coach will help you to move past any “mental blocks” that are holding you back and get you to start out on the right path. Knowledge is Power