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At PaceUPinvest ® our mission is to help you achieve great financial wellbeing by ensuring you have adequate savings that can cover emergencies, build wealth and have a comfortable retirement while working hard to build your business.


As an entrepreneur, what does success mean to you?
Almost all employers know their employees and themselves are struggling with their personal finances, and if they could fix that, productivity would skyrocket. Yet they do nothing. Financial wellness is a simple way for employers offering financial education to their employees. It is also important that you as an entrepreneur is financially well and looking after your personal finances. Financial wellness is essential to counter the significant financing constraints that undermine contribution to employment, productivity growth and innovation that entrepreneurs face. A person with adequate savings that can cover emergencies, temporary unemployment and a comfortable retirement is said to be financially well.

PaceUP Invest provides tailored financial wellness solutions that integrate communal and individual programs to help each entrepreneur build financial resilience and accumulate wealth. We incorporate behavioural economics in our delivery. We improve your financial wellness by tackling the factors that affect financial wellness: Personal Characteristics, Financial Literacy, Financial behaviours, Financial Situation, and Financial Stressors.

Financial wellness is a win win for both entrepreneurs and their employees because:


Many studies have shown that financial stress among entrepreneurs and employees leads to more absenteeism and mental problems. Even when you are at work, financial stress in your personal lives distracts you from your tasks.

Diversity and Inclusion

Women continue to lag in financial wellness and are less likely to say they feel financially well. This also impacts underrepresented communities. Offering financial wellness programme for you as the business owner and your employees will help you all.


Good benefits attract the best talent for your business. Financial wellness programmes are still relatively new and novel in Europe. Ignoring financial wellness will impact you and your employees' bottom line. Be the employer that attracts and retains talents.


As an entrepreneur, you will build a successful company and personal success with better financial management. You will be better prepared to withstand any unforeseen circumstances by being financially resilient.

What We Offer You and Your Employees:

  • Advise, mentoring, and coaching from an independent financial advisor with fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Online financial tools to improve your financial management skills.
  • Helping with pension planning, debt management, savings and investing, and generational wealth



Knowledge is Power! Access quick tips, workshops, courses, masterclasses and guides to learn at your own pace, or with others created by our team of financial planners, financial advisors and coaches.

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Invest according to your lifestyle, values and needs.
It is all about YOU! We will help you understand risk in developing your personalised portfolio. Access personalised coaching or financial advisory. Access group coaching.

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Our community brings you and fellow entrepreneurs together to form an ecosystem so that you can share, support, build knowledge and the necessary confidence to be more involved in their personal finances and improve your financial wellbeing.

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