We are championing equity and inclusion of women and marginalised communities whilst addressing sustainability and societal issues.
PaceUP Invest is committed to a sustainable future and we are adhering to 5 out of 17 of the UN sustainable goals: No poverty, Gender equality, and Reduced inequality. 1,4,5,10,17

  • 1. No poverty: Reduce poverty of women and marginalised communities to zero now and at retirement.
  • 4. Quality Education: Ensure that all youth and a substantial proportion of adults, both men and women, achieve financial literacy to help them become financially independent.
  • 5. Gender Equality: Through increasing financial knowledge, financial behaviours, and financial capabilities, we are making women's lives better to close gender gaps
  • 10. Reduced inequality: Reduce income inequalities both now and at retirement.
  • 17. Developed global partnerships for sustainable development that mobilise and share financial knowledge to support the achievement of the sustainable development goals.