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Spoilt for choice? Don’t know where to start your finance journey? Members get access to endless array of resources including webinars, courses, and workshops.

Your online marketplace is your one-stop shop for all your financial resources on the platform.

However, this can be overwhelming at first, so we have included an online shopping basket feature that empowers you to add the resources you need, to your basket in your dashboard!


From basic understanding of your personal finance to other levels,

Our courses are topic-specific masterclasses to enhance your knowledge of a specific topic. This varies from real estate to making business investment decisions.

Once these courses are checked out of your basket, you have access to the content forever!


Our workshops are for the benefit of your financial education.

In our workshops, you have the opportunity to ask questions to specialists in their fields. Our workshops are usually small in size allowing you to ask any questions and utilise the knowledge and resources available to you.


If you don't know to start on your finance journey, attend one of our webinars.

Our webinars usually consist of coaching sessions and are an opportunity for you to learn how to save,
budget, delay gratification, understand your personal and public finances, and many more.